For the 2024 MRHS marching band season, Secret Sibling Games LLC will like to present: Anything in, and its subsidiaries, may be part of the game, even if you can’t see it. This may include disguised buttons, images, and menus. There may be audio clues as well. The true objective will be revealed at a later time. This is only the prologue. Some parts of the game may not work as intended on mobile, but it should still work. If you run into problems, try using a tablet or a keyboard and mouse.

Even though you, [SECRET SIBLING NAME], are the main contestant, you may invite your friends to help you. But, you are the only person eligible for the prize at the end. The prize is an Amazon gift card that is proportional to the difficulty you complete. Value ranges from $10-50. In order to receive the full prize, you must complete every puzzle. If you prefer a gift card from a different company or prefer cash, please fill out this form.

Here is the first objective: Find an image of glitched keyed serpents. 

Error CODE: 42069

Information about Error Codes

Error Codes are there in case you get stuck on a certain puzzle. Email with the error code using the email template below. This system will change at a later time. There is no penalty for using Error Codes, but please attempt to solve the puzzle before using them.

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